About Us

Bee City is family owned and operated. Our family started Bee City over 30 years ago, with the love of honeybees and a passion for educating people about the importance of the honeybee. We have evolved to a one of kind hands on zoo that is interactive and educational. We pride ourselves in offering the best experiences for you and your family, the highest quality honey products and providing excellent customer service.

We are bee farm and a interactive zoo.  We make high quality products from the honey and beeswax.  We focus on educating the public about the importance of the honeybees.  We also have a great love for animals, and love to share that passion by providing opportunities for unique animal experiences.  Whether it is providing childhood memories that will last a lifetime, or a chance to escape from the craziness of life; the interactions are soothing for the soul of, both the humans and the furry and not so furry animals.  

1066 Holly Ridge Ln. Cottageville, SC 29435


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