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We're a Hands On interactive Zoo

Our Animal Encounters are now live!

Call us to book your Animal Encounter Today

A One of a Kind Experience


Wednesday and Thursday 9am to 5pm

Friday and Saturday 9am to 6pm

Sunday 11am to 6pm

Bee City Zoo Staff & Our Visitors 

Our staff takes pride in being customer friendly and approachable, but during these uncertain times, we must take precautions to protect their safety and well-being, as well as that of our zoo visitors. 

Zoo staff and visitors should stay six feet apart and avoid handshakes, hugs and other physical contact; wear mask when indoors or when social distancing is not possible.

Visitors will be encouraged to limit your gathering to your individual family or group

 Park staff and visitors should follow the CDC guidelines for good handwashing and hygiene at all times: 

Wash hands often for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. While zoo staff is doing their very best to ensure soap is available in all restrooms, visitors are encouraged to bring their own soap or hand sanitizer. 

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. 

Zoo staff and visitors who feel sick should not work or visit the zoo. 

We are happy to be able to provide a place for people to get outdoors during this time. Working together, we can ensure the Zoo remains open during this time when we all need a place to enjoy and make awesome memories . 


Animal Encounters

At Bee City Zoo, we offer special, private animal encounters so you can be up close and personal with a few of our baby and special ambassador animals!

You and your group will be in a private area during your encounter and will have hands-on interaction with available animals.

An experience for the animal lover to treasure for sure!

To book your encounter, please call us at 843-835-5912 ext 4

Prices are:

15-minute encounter *4 people, Admission to the zoo is not included. 


Animals included are

- Raccoon

- Armadillo

- Cavy

$100 - Choose one of the following animals 

- Opossum

- Serval Kitten

- Kangaroo

- Kinkajou

$150 - Choice of spider monkey or sloth or anteater

Exotic Encounter *Admission for 4 included. Up to 4 additional people with the purchase of a zoo ticket


45 minutes with 3 animals of your choice

- Racoon

- Opossum

- Kangaroo

$400 (Choose between)

- Exotic Encounter & Sloth or Anteater


1-hour Exotic Encounter with 5 animals & Sloth or Spider Monkey or Anteater

For larger groups, please call to schedule your unique animal encounter

45 minute and 60-minute encounters must be booked in advance

*Animals are subject to change w/o notice

** Prices, animals, and available dates and times are subject to change w/o notice

We can't wait to have you experience this unique encounter with us!

We're Open All Year Long

Admission is Only $12

Military Discount $1
Senior Citizen Discount $1
Kids 2 and younger get in for FREE
BEE CITY is just a stone’s throw from the beautiful Edisto River just three miles north of Givhans State Park on Hwy. 61

Lots of monkeys to feed and the kids can get real close to all the animals. Friendly staff and good prices.

Tyler Spindler

5 Stars

Took our grandson we fell in love with the place his favorite animal was the turkeys but mine was the lemurs and the owner is this wonderful sweet older man who is so friendly

Jennifer Franckowiak

5 Stars

Awesome place and the staff rock!!

Angie Strawn

5 Stars

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A unique one of a kind experience!


Wednesday and Thursday 9am to 5pm

Friday and Saturday 9am to 6pm

Sunday 11am to 6pm

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