Hand's On Zoo

A One of a Kind Experience

Have a one of a kind experience at Bee City Zoo.

Hand-feed monkeys, ringtail lemurs, alpacas, deer, goats, sheep, and pet bunnies.

See the Wallabies, Antelope, Tigers, Snow Leopard, Serval Cats, Cavies as well as many farm animals: Miniature horses and donkeys, turkeys, chickens, pheasants, and much more!

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unnamed (8)
Bonnie and Clyde
The Mini Horses in Dodge City
The Emu
African Serval
Pigmy Goat
More Goats
Fallow Deers
Margaret the Black and White Lemur
Ashton feeding the deer
Ringtail Lemurs
Living the Lemur life
Bird Feeding
Ashton and Margaret
Prehensiled Tail Porcupine
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